About Rockcity Mall

Marketing and Promotions

Together with managing of the facility, our property managers will run marketing campaign throughout the mall operation as a means to boost traffic for tenants by keeping the front door swinging while making Landlord’s cash register ringing.

This campaign will create pre-commitment, ownership and excitement among Tanzanians mainly for the people in the Lake Zone preciously Mwanza City about the coming up of the Rock City Shopping Mall. By having a creative strategy run in two steps (during construction and post-construction) community members will be thinking and talking about the Shopping Destination all throughout the construction process.

Creative will inform the audience of what is currently happening with the mall, while simultaneously generating excitement and pride, generating support from people all over the regions rather than only in the city of Mwanza.

Public relations tactics will supplement our creative message by giving Mwanza community a reason to be excited about the Mall. Our suggestions will get people from all over Lake Zone to think of the mall as a place to congregate rather than just a place to walk on between point A and point B. We will do this by hosting events on the Mall to get the region excited about the importance of this Shopping Mall

Rockcity Mall
P.O. Box 172,
Tel:+255 282 560056