About Rock city Mall

About Rock city Mall

Rock City Mall is owned jointly by LAPF Pensions Fund and Mwanza City Council under the Joint Venture Company known as Mwanza City Commercial Complex Limited (MCCCL). The name Rock is derived from the Bismarck Rock symbol, as appears in the logo, an outstanding feature and landmark for the region.

This giant mall provides lettable spaces for anchor tenants, mega shops, satellite shops, departmental store, banking halls, food courts, entertainment facilities like cinema, flagship casino and Kids one stop centre, office premises as well as parking arcade among others.

Some notable attractions include an indoor shopping ambience with panoramic lift and escalators, a children’s entertainment center, a large movie theater a flagship casino and Samaki Samaki Bar & Restaurant. It has a great selection of stores and restaurants and a dizzying array of entertainment options to please guests who want a break from shopping and eating.

This largest mall in Tanzania mall boasts a huge fish eye glass roof that provides skylight to the atrium inside the mall, a must come and visit mall!

Rockcity Mall
P.O. Box 172,
Tel:+255 282 560056